What is paver sealant made of?

Paver Sealer is a clear, shiny, moist-looking acrylic sealant based on oil with UV-resistant additives for long-lasting protection. In solvent-based sealants, polymer particles do not disperse, but form a clear solution. After application, when the solvent evaporates, the existing polymer chains come even closer to each other, also forming a transparent coating. Sealing pavers is almost necessary if you want them to look their best and have the longest possible lifespan.

Non-film paving stone sealants provide pavers with good protection, but they are not the best protection. As for giving the best wet-looking glossy finish, I would recommend a 2-part water-based polyurethane to seal pavers. This will take some time, but you should make sure you start with clean pavers and don't seal the dirt. Seal 'n Lock's super-moist-looking water-based paving stone sealant can provide that “wet” look that most people are looking for.

The biggest drawback of rolling the sealant onto brick pavers is that the roller can pick up sand from the joint and make it roll over the surface of the brick paver. Something as simple as sealing pavers can be too complicated when you have to decide not only if you want them to look wet or not, but also decide between water-based or solvent-based sealants. So, these are some of the reasons why we recommend water-based paving stone sealants instead of solvent-based paving stone sealants.

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