Does sealing pavers prevent weeds?

Sealing pavers does NOT stop weeds from regrowing. That's why they ask us all the time, people call and say: I want to seal my pavers. The reason I want to seal is because I have to stop these weeds. And we let them know right from the start that, just so they know, sealing won't stop the weeds.

Sealing pavers helps prevent weed growth between pavers and patio stones. The sealant seeps into the sand from the joints between the pavers and hardens it to a mortar-like consistency, preventing weeds from taking root in the cobblestone yard. Our goal is to prevent at least 90% of future weed growth. However, there can always be certain circumstances that can alter the efficiency of sealed pavers.

There are also some things that can be done after sealing the pavers in order to prevent weeds and vegetation as much as possible in the future. We think it's important for you to understand that our process and service are not a solution for improperly installed pavers (irregular, sunken, misaligned, etc.) Sealing the driveway will drastically minimize weed growth by seeping into the sand between the pavers and hardening it to prevent weeds from taking root in the driveway. If you don't want to invest time and money in resealing or adding joint sand to your pavers right away, there are other DIY methods to prevent weeds from growing between the pavers. In addition, if you use water-activated joint sand (such as polymeric joint sand), any joint sand left on the pavers during the next step will harden like mortar and merge with pavers.

You can use water-activated polymer joint sand to mortar the joints between pavers without sealing them. While sealing the driveway can minimize or eliminate annoying weeds that seep down the driveway, the quality of the sealant, preparation, and method of application are essential to prevent those small green pimples from reappearing on the pavers or in the crevices of the driveway. The joint sand remaining on the pavers during sealing will be trapped there, creating a dirty, ugly appearance. In short, the process of sealing block pavement to stop weed growth involves first removing the weeds from the area, then cleaning it thoroughly, placing sand between the block pavement, and then you're ready to seal with a quality sealant.

Sealing your patio pavers and stones is a great option for protecting your outdoor space, with a number of benefits. When you use polymeric sand in the joints between pavers, you'll stop those weeds without sealing the pavers.

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