Should you seal pavers after installation?

After installation, the best time to seal pavers is when the pavers are dry and free of dirt or debris. Most experts recommend waiting at least 24 to 48 hours before sealing new pavers after installation. This gives the pavers time to settle and ensures that they are completely dry before sealing them. It's hard to make an informed decision when you don't really know why to seal pavers in the first place.

This will also benefit the paver installer, who will now charge you to remove the affected pavers and reinstall new ones, costing you, the homeowner, much more money. Don't be fooled by these brick pavers installers who offer sealing services immediately after installation at a reduced price. So, as brick pavers heat up during the morning and hot afternoon and moisture evaporates from the pavers, efflorescence carries with it much faster than in more northern states, where you may have to wait up to 3 months before sealing them. Understanding when to seal pavers after installation is vital to keeping your investment in good shape.

The first is when they have just installed pavers for the first time and their contractor tells them that they should also seal them. The second is when they hire a pavers maintenance service because they are no longer satisfied with the look of their pavers. If you don't have the necessary experience, many things can go wrong, as we mentioned in the section on disadvantages of sealing pavers. Areas, such as entrances and outdoor facilities, that receive a lot of traffic will need to be sealed every one to two years, while pavers in areas with low traffic can last three to five years without being resealed.

Sealing your pavers requires careful consideration of a few factors to ensure you get the best results. If it has been raining a lot or if the forecast indicates that it will rain in the near future, it is best to wait to seal the paving stones. Sealing pavers when they are wet will cause the sealant to build up and may even cause it to come off the pavers, which will be a waste of money. Here you will find what is the motivation and what are the benefits of sealing pavers so that you can decide whether to do it or not.

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