Does sealing pavers make them slippery?

It all depends on the type of sealant and the application technique used. The right sealants and application techniques will leave no noticeable difference in the traction of your brick pavers. Your hard brick terrain will have about the same level of traction as a sealed driveway or parking lot. If you walk on your brick pavers in dry conditions, you won't find any difference in traction.

However, if you use low-quality concrete sealants, the surface may become slippery. Some sealants have a high solid content that fills the pores of the concrete. In that case, a solid layer forms on the surface of the pavement that becomes slippery when exposed to moisture. Another important factor that causes the slippery nature of the pavement is the application technique.

Even if a good quality sealant is applied excessively, a continuous top layer will form that would become slippery when it gets wet. Therefore, homeowners should choose experienced professionals who know the best concrete sealing techniques. The correct application technique would surely prevent the slippery nature of concrete. Consult experts specialized in concrete sealing who will inspect the hard surface on site and recommend the appropriate sealant that does not affect the traction level of the concrete.

Another common question people ask themselves is whether sealed pavers make them slippery. But the fact is that almost any wet surface will be moderately slippery. The advantage of sealed pavers is that they dry much faster, reducing the time they will stay wet. Moss is another determining factor in making pavers slippery, much more so than sealant.

And as we mentioned, sealing pavers helps prevent the formation of moss. Experts specializing in brick pavers can analyze your hard terrain and recommend the right sealant, which will have little or no effect on the traction level of brick pavers. Sealing pavers creates an invisible barrier that protects them from aggressive elements, such as rain, sun and dirt in general. After installation or maintenance, you've probably wondered how long you should stay away from pavers after sealing.

The sealing process itself is often overlooked by people who install cobblestone patios, which is a mistake, especially if you want to keep them looking new for much longer. The hard terrain of your sealed paving stone will have the same level of traction as a sealed parking lot or driveway. JSBrick has more than 20 years of experience providing paving stone installation, cleaning and sealing services in Sarasota and surrounding cities.

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